Case Studies

Streamline Beverage

“Streamline has been inventing and commercialising products for 15 years and in that time we have used a variety of suppliers, manufacturers and designers both locally and overseas.  However, the team at Specialised Sourcing recommended to us) now provide me with the invaluable design and manufacturing solutions that have since propelled my business onto the next level.  Constantly improving the designs and shaving precious dollars off the production items is what they do – I couldn’t be any happier.”

– Andrew Hunter (Managing Director)

Australian Underground Drilling (AUD)

“Australian Underground Drilling (AUD) have worked exceptionally hard to forge a highly successful business in the competitive and often challenging world of underground drilling and we have done this by maintaining a commitment to the safety of our operational teams, cost effective productivity and an ongoing culture of continual improvement.  This is how we deliver our clients with the most cost effective and productive service available in the market today.

Success in the field however, is not simply a by-product of our own performance.  AUD continually reviews and chooses supply partners who are equally committed to delivering true value for money without compromising quality given product failure in our game, is simply not an option.

Specialised Sourcing have become one such partner.  Not only do they develop and manufacture some of the highest performance drilling consumables available, they seem to achieve this at extremely competitive rates.  They also listen to our suggestions regards possible product improvements or gaps in the current product range before going off to design, manufacture, test and deliver both better products and customised solutions.  Basically, there’s not much we can’t get these days given their design, in-house manufacturing and a global sourcing capabilities. 

In short, Specialised Sourcing are people you can trust to operate in the best interests of your business. They know this will ultimately be a successful formula for them in building strong, lasting partnerships”

– Geoff Muir (Managing Director)

Webdrill Australia

“At the end of the day, our industry is all about drilling good quality core at the lowest possible cost.  This is where the team at Specialised Sourcing have been invaluable to my business. Not only do they continually and reliably deliver both high quality and high performance products but they do this at market leading prices regardless of whether you are a small or large operator.

Having accumulated many years of collective experience in both the drilling and manufacturing game, the people at Specialised Sourcing understand our priorities and the pressure we are under to continually get better metre rates and increased productivity.  This is why they are continually trying to improve the products they design, make or source – this is why I believe they stand out from the competition.

At webdrill, we pride ourselves on focussing on our clients and achieving the most profitable outcomes for our clients. Specialised Sourcing share these values, so it’s bound to work out well for all concerned. 

Honest, upfront and always on the ball – just the way we like it in the drilling game!”

– Jared Webb – Managing Director


“Our business is one of Australia’s leading designers and suppliers of packaging, filling and bagging equipment servicing an array of industries including warehousing, mining, chemical/pharmaceutical, agriculture/landscaping and food processing.

Given this, we need to know that not only can we deliver our clients the very best design solutions but we have to do this in a market that is truly global in terms of pricing and competition.  In order to keep our competitive position, we only engage suppliers who can deliver the very best in quality whilst keeping their pricing to a realistic and sustainable level without adding unwanted and often unjustified margins.  

Specialised Sourcing is one such supplier with over two (2) years of track record in terms of supplying the very best quality at extremely competitive prices.  Often receiving shipments direct from their Malaysian based factory, their error rate has been negligible with products arriving professionally packed and the associated quality control documentation always comprehensively detailed.

Our industry is highly competitive and we need suppliers who consistently provide us with exactly what we need, when we need it and in a condition that prevents any rework.  That’s why we continue to rely on Specialised Sourcing and will do for the foreseeable future. .  We couldn’t be happier and will be seriously considering expanding scopes of supply as we move forward”.

– Wayne Adams (Operations Manager, ACCUPAK, WA)