Product sourcing made easy

On those rare occasions we can’t provide an in-house solution to your supply problem, Specialised Sourcing will utilise its existing supply chain network or pre-qualified and reliable suppliers that enable you to reduce both costs and risks whilst maximising profitability.

Our list of suppliers undergo a rigorous audit process before becoming an approved provider as well as agree to bi-annual audits to maintain our support and promotion.   Our due diligence process involves review of employee welfare and safety, company ownership, financial stability, quality control, material certification, production systems and even final product packaging and delivery performance.   We do this so you can rest easy in the knowledge that your purchases are both safe and ethical.

Specialised Sourcing offers:

  • Initial and ongoing bi-annual auditing of all approved suppliers
  • Scrutiny of claimed compliance certification (where applicable)
  • Minimised exposure to intellectual property theft, quality control and delivery risks
  • Contract and pricing negotiations in multiple dialects
  • Complete door to door supply service options