Specialised Sourcing Now Idea 2 Reality

Specialised Sourcing Now Idea 2 Reality

New Name, New Look, New Services, Same Commitment.

Whilst some things are changing around here, many things are staying the same.
Your go to guys, Ole, Wayne and Nigel remain on the front line but now, they are supported by an even bigger team working hard to design, manufacture and source the very best in customer value.


At the core of everything we do, is the ability to solve problems and save companies money.
If your business has holes costing you money, if your idea needs a kick start with a prototype or you have a vision for products that can change lives, we have the answers to help you – it’s simply what we love to do.
Our customers range from the novice inventor to industry heavy weights and everything in between – even aged care! It is now time to show off our full range of capabilities.
Whilst design and manufacturing for the mining industry will always be one of our biggest passions, we now want to share with you what else we have been doing, and what else we can do for you.

Introducing Idea 2 Reality

Idea 2 Reality takes all the greatest ingredients from Specialised Sourcing and now adds to them to deliver so much more.

So, if you see an opportunity or need to make improvements to your business bottom line, but lack the capabilities, we are here to help.  We have the tools, expertise, and knowledge to make this idea a reality and remember, all positive changes typically start with the simplest of conversations.

However, rest assured that even though we are now Idea 2 Reality (I2R) you will continue to receive the same high level of service you received from Specialised Sourcing but just more of it.  Now if you happen to occasionally see some of our Specialised Sourcing branding around as we go through the transition to Idea 2 Reality, don’t panic – simply give us a call and feel free to ask any questions.

To learn more see the Idea 2 Reality website at www.i2r.com.au